Delicate vest for kids

Delicate vest for kids

Age: 1- 2 years;
You will need:
100 g Kartopu Baby One yarn (100% acryl, 100 g/250 m);
Knitting needles no. 3,5 or no. 4.
Crochet no.. 3.5.
4 buttons.
Knitwear density: 20 stitches x 25 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Knitting explanation:
Vest will knit as a single detail, starting with the back side.
Cast on needle 55 stitches and knit 58 rows with lazy point (in the front rows and back rows, the stitches are knit front).
In the next row 17 stitches are let on a helpful knitting needle, 21 stitches from the the center are closed, 17 stitches remain on the working needle.

Further each part will be knit separated.detalii vesta delicata pentru copii
Those 17 remaining stitches on the needle will knit with lazy point – 13 rows, after that follows the 16 hemstitch rows which will be knit in the following way:
Row 1 (front row): 7 stitches lazy point, 1 knit stitch, 1 yarn over, 9 stitches lazy point.
Row 2 (back row): 9 stitches lazy point, yarn over is knit as knit stitch, 1 purl stitch, 7 stitches lazy point.
Rows 1-2 are repeated for another 7 times.

Further it will knit all the stitches with lazy point, without stitches additions. The stitch after those 7 stitches with lazy point (where are laces) it will knit front in the front rows and purl in the back rows.
In the next row it will achieve a lacing (stitches 4 and 5 at the beginning of the row will knit together front, 1 yarn over), and the following 3 lacing at a distance of 12 rows between them.
It will knit up to the length of the back part.

The right front side is knit in a similar way.

Finishing: Is performed side seams. Is sewn buttons. The edges of vest are finished with the help of the crochet 1 row single crochet, 1 row picot.
The vest can accessorize with different applications crocheted, and the front parties can be knit in different colors.

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