Crocheted Cape

Cape crosetata

pelerina crosetata spate
Size: 49 x 37 cm;
You will need:
50 g Crochet cotton yarn no.40;
Crochet no.. 11;detalii pelerina crosetataSchema pelerina crosetata

Explanation crocheting:
The cape is crochet after a milieu scheme.
The neckline is achieved through a “rupture” of the scheme.
Crochet the ring of 8 chain stitches.
Stitches are closed in circle and crochet only two petals.
Perform the same one more detail.
Details with two petals will join between them, crocheting greater “hand fan”.
The cape can be worn with the neckline “little boat” or in the form of V.

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  • Beautiful models, I am very grateful!

    Poissonneau Zully August 4, 12-2017:48 am

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