Vest with high collar

Vest with high collar

Vesta cu guler inaltSize: 36/38;
You will need:
400 g fri GOA (50% cotton, 50% poliacril, 50 g/60 m);
Knitting needles no. 6 and 7.
Knitwear density: 15 stitches x 18 rows = 10 cm.

Knitting explanation:
Back: Cast on needle 58 stitches and knit as follows: 1 edge stitch, 1 purl stitch, * 2 knit stitches, 2 purl stitches *, repeat *-* until last 2 stitches, 1 purl stitch, 1 edge stitch.
In the next row, front row, it will continue knitting with model shown in diagram. In scheme are presented only the front rows, in the back rows, the stitches are knitted as presented.

In row 21, will add 2 stitches according to the scheme = 60 stitches.
After 36 cm knitted at the first row, in row 63 of the scheme, for the sleeve neckline will be closed from both sides 1 x 3 stitches. After knitting the row 89 on needle will remain 48 stitches.
After 56 cm knitted from the first row, for the shoulder line, will be closed from both sides by 12 stitches. Those 24 remaining stitches for neckline are left on a helpful needle.
Tipar vesta cu guler inaltSchema vesta cu guler inalt
Front: It will knit as the back. After 47 cm knitted from the first row, those 16 stitches from the center are passed on to a helpful needle for the neckline. Each side of the neckline will be knit separately according to the scheme.
After 58 cm knitted from the first row, will close those 12 remaining stitches for each shoulder.

Finishing: the details will wet a little. It carries out the seams of Vest. The line of the shoulders will be placed toward the back.
The stitches from helpful needles are pass on working needle. Are closed in circle and it circular knit according the scheme. In even rows, the stitches will knit as presents.
After 10 cm knitted, stitches are closed.

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