Aquamarine Dress

aquamarine dress

rochie aquamarinSize: 36;
You will need:
350 g Coco yarn (100% mercerized cotton, 240 m/50 g);
Knitting needles no. 1,5

Knitting explanation:
The dress will knit according to the scheme A. If the number of mounted stitches on needle will not correspond with those from article, they will be correct depending on the thickness of yarn and size of the person for whom the knitted dress is.

Important is that the number of stitches from needle to divide at 20 (pattern report) 2 side stitches.
It mount on needle 140 stitches 2 side stitches. The detail that represents skirt is made from 7 whole vertical ratios. The skirt will knit until the row 61 of the scheme. For the waist line, In row 62 will be achieved decreasing stitches, knitting by two purl stitches together. The next decreases of stitches will be made in row 72 of the scheme. Row 72 from the scheme coincide with the AB's line from dress pattern.

Rows 73 - 87 of scheme A is the central pattern of the dress and will knit until to the line CD from pattern. If you want the dress to be molded on the body in the waistline, the central model will be knit with thinner needles, but near the CD line will be continue knitting with original needles.
For the top of the dress (from the CD line up) will be make additions of stitches for the bust line. These additions of stitches will be reflected in rows 89 - 103 of scheme.

The addition of stitches will be done in the following way: The yarn between two front stitches of the previous row's will pass on the working needle and it's knit 1 front twisted stitch.
After knitting a report for the top of the dress will be achieved neckline sleeves, then the neckline and shoulder line.
schita rochie aquamarin
For the neckline on front side, will close off the stitches off those two central reports from the front side, then each side will be knit separately. Is knit straight another 6 cm from neckline, after that it will achieve the shoulder line.

On the back neckline will be made at the same level as the shoulder line on 3 reports (2 central reports, plus one half from the adjacent reports).
Is achieved the seams of dress. The neckline, armholes, the edges of the bottom of the dress will finish with 1 row single crochet and 1 row reverse single crochet.

Attention! The number of rows from the scheme is not one fixed. You can knit more or fewer rows for every detail from the pattern according to preferences, body shape, yarn thickness. Available also for neckline sleeves, neckline and shoulder line.

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  • Buna Seara, do not thread the coco can you tell me what to replace?

    Jezebel echavez 10 October, 2016 11:36 pm
  • Good evening!
    Il replaced with cotton Mercerized,which has the following density (can be found on the product label) 30 mesh = 10 cm.

    Nina 12 October, 2016 7:15 pm
  • a fabulous site! Thank you!

    Nicoleta 3 November, 2016 3:43 I

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