Cape collar blouse

Cape collar blouse

Cape collar blouseSize: 40/42;
You will need:
300 g thick thread (50 m/50 g);
Knitting needles and croșeta No. 9;
2 the pompons made of fur
Knitwear density: 20 rows = 23 cm.

Knitting explanation:
Mounts on andrea 91 tricotează elastic mesh and 2×2 (2 front stitches, 2 purl stitches) 30 cm.Cape collar Blouse pattern
In the next row towards the close of both sides by 26 mesh.
The 39 remaining part represents the back mesh.
They are knit with rice still point 30 cm.
In the next front row, stitches are closed.

Finishing: It joins with point B to point (see pattern). The side edges of the back collar basket, leaving open sleeves.
Croșetează is a 100 cm-length cord. The ultra-soft strap is inserted through the collar.
The cos pompoanele.

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