Hat with flowers

Hat with flowers

Palariuta cu floriYou will need:
– 100 g fir rosu (100% mercerized cotton:
– 50 g white yarn;
– 20-30 g fir verde say cateva GRAME fir galben;
– Crochet no. 2 and no.2.5;

Work description:
With crochet hook no. 2.5 and the red wire is 5 mesh sweater chain that closes the circle. Further will crochet according to the scheme no.1.

Finally presented in scheme will coseta still 5 times with red thread, then another 3 times with white thread, and again with the Red wire = 18 rows.schema2 palariuta cu flori
schema1 palariuta cu flori

Borides: Will croseta 9 times picioruse without jeteu (in each eye of the previous row) and will finish with 1 row "steps of cancer" with white yarn.
With green thread will croseta a chain cranial circumference equal to 15 cm which will go through the last row before borurilor and it will bind on the girl in the place in which it will lay down flower.

Croseta 3 leaves the scheme no.2. and a flower after No.3 scheme.
The flower will sit over the 3 leaves and will be fixed in the place where he tied green chain (see picture).

Comments to Hat with flowers

  • How to make “the steps of rac”? It is a schematic somewhere? Thanks.

    Cristina 2 August, 2012 10:13 most
  • nocomment!!!!!super super!!!! felicitari.si much time dispozitie.ptr more. Tutorials,as beautiful,.

    romik 24 March, 2013 8:07 am
  • Cancer step has another name? I do not know how to do it and
    can not find anything about it

    Laura 18 January, 2014 9:34 pm
  • Making Cancer step is similar in a way to crocheting without jeteu foot in the opposite direction. The sweater from left to right, in this case will detail you with the face to one that sweater.
    To make a chain for lifting eye,croseta is inserted under both semiochiuri of presser foot row above, Pull thread work. On croseta will be 2 meshes. It realizaea one jeteu inca (crochet yarn over), After all mesh sweater is a single movement.
    Cancer step can be achieved in more than the previous row stitches.

    Nina 19 January, 2014 11:25 most

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