Aaran model Beret

Aaran model Bereta

Bereta model AaranYou will need:
100 g speck of color cyclamen St. Charles Tivoli Collection (52% attache, 48% mohair; 50g/100m);
Circular knitting needles no.4 and no.5;

Work density:
18 stitches x 26 rows = 10×10 cm with andrelele No.5;
23 stitches x 26 rows = 10 x 10 cm with needles No. 4.

Work description:
The beret will knit circular.
Mounted on 102 mesh andrea, Mesh close circle and marks the spot with a contrasting color thread. Report No.1 scheme is repeated 6 times.Schema bereta model Aaran It will knit 11 rows in the diagram with needles No. 4.
After, the needles will knit ranks No.5 12-63.


After knitting pattern andrea scheme will remain 12 meshes.
Working yarn is cut, leaving one end of length 30 cm.
The thread passes through the stitches remaining 2 times.
Thread is tightened and fixed to the inside of the cap.

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