Set for winter

Set pentru anotimpul receAge: 3-6 months;
– 180 g thin thread of light blue acrylic marine;
– Knitting needles no. 3;
– Crochet no. 2.
Work density: 35 x 38 mesh rows = 10×10 cm.
Work description:

Front and rear: In knitting the detail, since front. It mounts on the andrea 70 mesh, It tricoteaza 1st row dos, 2 rows with jeteuri for attaching tassels, then tricoteza first and last 9 stitches 1 girl 1 x eye eye dos, the 52 stitches from the heart under no. 2.

At a distance of 8 cm to add both sides of every 8th row 1 eye 11 times, before and after the 52 stitches from the heart. Added the tricoteaza stitches together with the 9 on the edge (1 x 1 ochi dose ochi FATA).

At a distance of 19 cm from the beginning of the work, 16 stitches in the Center tricoteaza 2 cm 1 x eye eyes face 1 dos, celelelalte mesh is knit as before. After 2 cm meshes are divided in two and each side separately to tricoteaza is a length of 27 cm reperezinta the girl who.

Rear side of the knit right symmetric. When they reach a length of 54 cm stitches close.
Cut the wires to length of 14 cm, are grouped by 2 threads and catch the edges with jeteuri. 4 the lump with a diameter of 4 cm and come from the ends of strings which are the 4 woman crocheting as follows: the woman crocheting a chain of length 25 cm from semipicioruse with jeteu according to the drawing. Laces are attached on both sides to where they started refilling.
Beanie: For each litaedayan are taken by 11 and tricoteaza mesh 1 x 1 eyes girl eyes dos, adding every 2nd row 1 from both sides eye 4 times, added stitches are formed between 2 stitches = 19 stitches.

Then, it mounts on the andrea mesh 19-21 litaedayan 53 newly formed meshes 19 21 litaedayan mesh-mesh of the newly formed = 133 stitches. Tricoteaza is 9 cm 1 x 1 eyes girl eyes inside out and then begin decline (Example decrease : 11 knit stitch, 2 knit stitches together, 11 front eyelets etc.. Friend the sf. row): every 2nd row at equal distance minus 10 mesh 9 times = 43 stitches. The next row is tricoteaza 1 eye girl, 2 stitches together left ... =-29. Cut a big long thread through open mesh and wire tightens. Thread passes from the back and edges are sewn hat after that is fixed.

Headband is knit separately. It mounts on the 17 stitches and andrea tricoteza under no. 2 a circumference equal to caciulitei. Close stitches, to catch edge stitch hat and banda catch the bottom edge of the hat. Bottom edge of the hat and margins are sweater urechiusii like this: 1 rand picioruse seeds jeteu, 1 row of steps ' cancer '.

Woman crocheting 2 strings to a length of 25 cm each (1 rand semipicioruse with jeteu) and cling to the back side of each ears. Is done 3 lump, 2 catch for each siren, one stays in top hat.

Gloves: It mounts on 35 stitches and andrea tricoteza 3 cm 1 x eye eyes face 1 dos, then continue knitting as planned no. 3. Cut a thread longer than proceed through the eyes open and collect. Thread passes from the back and fasten. The second glove is similar knitter.

Catch gloves with a cord-length of 40 cm crochet (1 chain of semipicioruse with jeteu).
3 set the winter scheme

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