Purple crocheted hat with stars

purple striped hat with stars

sapca violeta crosetata cu steluteHead circumference: 55-56 cm;

You will need:

– 100 g fir Original Tweed, Silke (80% wool, 20% polyamide, 50g/105m);

– Crochet No.3;

– 3 out of plastic.

Work description:

The sweater chain of 5 stitches and closes the circle by connecting a foot. In the center of the circle is 6 feet without jeteu sweater and 7th foot without jeteu will crochet chain lifting eye. The work will be done in this way under spiral, Add each row by 6 feet without jeteu. Each foot without jeteu will crochet in the back half of the eye chain.

When the diameter of the circle is 25 cm, will crochet 1 row right after that will achieve reductions of stitches in the same way as additions were made, until the cap diameter is 16-17 cm. After, will crochet as 4 cm-feet without jeteu.

Next, on a portion of 24 cm from the front of the cap will crochet brim cap with feet without jeteu in both halves of a chain eyes.schema sapca violeta crosetata cu stelute

To achieve rounding will crochet by 2 feet with jeteu together at the beginning and end of each row.

When brim width is 7 cm, work will finish.

On the edges of the brim will crochet 2 rows feet without jeteu, crocheting in every corner of its first jeteu by 2 feet without a foot.

Cap will decorate plastic 3 stars.

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