Crocheted hat with beige yarn

woven hat with beige thread

sapca crosetata cu fir bejHead circumference: 58-59 cm;

You will need:

– 250 g fir "GOIA 80" Dertagna Filati (100% merino, 50g/80m);

– Crochet no.4;

– Knitting needles no. 3;

– 1 button with diameter 3 cm;

– 1 plastic holder brim.

Work description:
The sweater chain of 4 stitches and closes the circle by connecting a foot. The two mesh sweater and sweater chain lifting circle 7 semipicioruse with jeteu, that is done in the following way: take a jeteu on croseta, croseta is inserted into a chain stitch, working thread is fixed and it goes through the eye of the chain. On croseta there are three meshes, then the thread goes through all 3 meshes.

The work will be done in this way under spiral.

For sepcii with clinuri symmetric tip to additions of meshes, crosetand of a semipiciorus second, at equal intervals (How many 8 additions in each row).schema sapca crosetata cu fir bej

When the diameter of the circle will be 27 cm, decreases the mesh will be made in the same way as additions were made, until sepcii will be of diameter 18-19 cm. After,will croseta as 5 cm-picioruse without jeteu.

The edges crocheted cap will be installed on knitting, mesh and knit Jersey with a 3 cm. Banda will bend inward and be fixed.

Brim cap consists of two details. The woman crocheting a chain from a number of stitches equal 1/3 of the number of meshes of the last crochet row. The sweater legs without jeteu. To achieve rounding will crochet by 2 feet with jeteu together at the beginning and end of each row.

Detail two will be similarly. The two details are placed inside each other with the outward. Details will sew around the top edge of the. Returns the detail on the face, Enter cozorocul and fits on the front of the detail sepcii.

Sizes nasturelui to tricoteaza a tringhi point Jersey. The button is placed in the center of trinchiului and dresses with crocheted triangle. Tringhiului corners will sew around the nasturelui.

Dressed will sew the button at the top of sepcii.

Comments to Crocheted hat with beige yarn

  • Hello, It is a very nice site. Continued success!

    Ea 3 December, 2011 6:13 pm
  • in the schema are only the first five lines. But how to run sixth and seventh row

    Abdul- 21 January, 2012 11:08 am
  • 6th row croșetează is as similar to the 5th row: 4 semipicioruse, in the 5th century semipiciorus of the previous row's more croșetezi one, more croșetezi one.
    In randul 7: 5 semipicioruse, in the 6th century over one.
    And so on until the desired diameter. Each addition will be achieved over the previous row.
    The declines make Similarly

    Nina 23 January, 2012 4:11 pm

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