Sleepy bear toy and jumpsuit

jumpsuit and her teddy bear toy sleepy

salopeta si jucarie Ursuletul somnorosAge: 3/6/9 months;
Materials needed:
For overall:
– 100/100/150 g blue wire (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 250 m/50 g);
– Knitting needles no. 2;
– Two blue buttons.
For toy:
– 50 g white wire (100% acryl, 210 m/50 g);
– Few grams of black and blue thread;
– Knitting needles no. 2.5;
– Kapok (material for filling).

Knitwear density: 31 stitches randuri x 42 = 10 x 10 cm.

Work description:
Left leg : Mounted on 35/38/41 andrea mesh knits and 3 cm point semielastic (1 knit stitch, 1 purl stitch), after that point will continue adding semielastic first spaced 7 mesh mesh = 42/45/48.
After 15/16/17 cm from the first will close from right side 2 stitches in each of the 2nd row 2 x 1 eye = 38/41/44 stitches.

The Cracul: knitting is symmetrical with the left.

Back: Cracked mesh unite right and left = 76/82/88 will knit mesh point jersey.
After 28/30/32 cm from the first point will continue semielastic.
After 36/39/42 cm from the first row will close from the right side mesh 13/14/15, andrea helping stop a 13 mesh, mesh in the center ends 24/28/32, stop 13 stitches on a knitting needle and close 13/14/15 helpful meshes from the left. Of the 13 stitches on the knitting needle helper will knit a long strap 16.5/17.5/18.5 cm. When will ramp 15/16/17 cm length will be a loop (2 knit stitches together, and the next line will rise one eye instead of two). Second ramp will knit similar.

The front will knit back similar to the straps except.
The cart side edges of pantalonasilor and two zipped pockets but the buttons on the front of the right bretelelor.

The head of the girl: Mounted on andrea 15 mesh and jersey knits point, adding both sides in every 2nd row 3 x 1 eye. Simultaneously will be added on both sides of the center eye eye 4 x 1 = 29 stitches. It knits as 4 rows, after which it will fall on both sides of the central eye one eye and every 2nd row 5 x 1 eye. At same time, among the 21 will be deducted from both sides each one eye and 2nd row 1 x 2 eyelets. The 11 stitches remaining close.

Back of head: Mounted on andrea 12 mesh and jersey knits point, adaugand din ambele parti in randul 2, 2 burners and every 2nd row 2 x 1 = 20 mesh eye.
Among 17 will be deducted from both sides each one eye and every 2nd row 2 x 2 mesh. The 10 stitches remaining close.

Front paws: Mounted on three needle point mesh and jersey knits, adding both sides in every 2nd row 6 x 1 = 15 mesh eye. Row 21 knit point will ELSAT (2 front stitches, 2 purl stitches). After , Firle is cut through meshes Andrea and drag. Similarly, the knitting and the second paw.

Rear paws: The monteaza are andrelele nr.2.5 -24 point mesh and jersey knits. Among 7 is close from both sides each 4 mesh, and nine among the 16 remaining stitches. Similarly, the second knitting paw.

Stem: Mounted on July andrea mesh and jersey knits point, doubling the number of stitches in the first place. Line 4 will knit elastic point, then cut the thread, passed through the mesh and drag.

Ears: Mounted on 14 stitches and knits andrea lazy point. After turn 4, Cut thread, passed through the mesh and drag. Similarly the second lug knitting.

Body: Mounted on andrea 17 mesh and jersey knits 70 times point, then close the stitches.

Finishing: The head forming Cart details. It urechiusele Cart. The head is filled with kapok. Teddy Bear body is sewn into the top of, filled with kapok, and is sewn to the head. The basket filled with kapok paws and tail.
The blue thread sewn marginutele ears and nails, and the black wire will sew eyes and his nose (see picture).

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