Sweater and backpack

Sweater and backpack

Pulover si rucsac tricotatAge: 3-4 years;
– 200 g melange yarn (100% acrylic, 100 g/230 m) light brown in color;
– 50 g dark brown thread;
– A few grams of yarn is different colors;
– Knitting needles no. 3;
– Knitting needles for socks No.3;
– Crochet No.3.
Work density: 20 mesh x 28 rows = 10×10 cm;

The front: It mounts on the andrea wired color dark brown 91 mesh and 4 cm 4-tricoteaza dos, 2 front stitches. Then, knit 1 row to point wired Color Jersey Brown, 4 cm-Blue corded trim then presented in scheme.
After implementation will knit trim with navy thread color to the end detail. At a distance of 43 cm from the beginning of the work, for the rascroiala neck close 21 stitches in the middle and then amble their parts in every second row 4-burners, 3 stitches, 2-burners and 1 eye. At a distance of 48 cm from the beginning of the work, remaining stitches are close.

Rear side: It knits as the only girl with light brown thread.
For rascroiala your neck will close 31 stitches in the middle with 3 cm above, than in the front. Then both sides thereof in every second row will close 3-burners and 2 meshes. At a distance of 48 cm from the beginning of the work, remaining stitches are close.

Sleeve: It mounts on the andrea wired color dark brown 41 stitches and 4-5 cm tricoteaza dos, 2 front stitches. Then will knit the same pattern brown wire.
Every 4th row will add from both sides 20 times 1 eye. At a distance of 34 cm from the beginning of the work, stitches are closed.
schema pulover si rucsac
Finishing: With black thread to sew the outline ornamentrului. The thread will sew yellow sun and around the circle representing the sun.
Cart is accurate sweater details. Boundary between rim and dot jersey on the bottom of the sweater, cuffs and collar will make "cross over cross".

Collar sweater will finish like this: Rascroielii neck edge will mount on 102 stitches with andrea be dark brown in color and will knit 3.5 cm 4-dos and 2 mesh front. Close stitches, and collar edge will bend and be fitted on the inside of the garment neck edge rascroielii.

Backpack: Ruscacului knitting starts at bottom. With dark brown colour yarn will knit a chain made up of 12 stitches. Every eye will croseta chain 1 bumbers without jeteu, the first was the last chain 2 eye picioruse without jeteu.The other side of the rucksack is similar tricoteaza bottom, introrcandu us to the point where I started crocheting. Woman crocheting circular picioruse are adding without jeteu to equal distances until you reach an oval shape with sides of 21 and 17 cm.

After, mesh size will raise p andrea and knit Jersey point wired color dark brown 10 cm and 19 cm wired color Navy Blue. At a distance of 22 inches from the beginning of the work, After every 4th row you knit a row hemstitch ( 1 yarn over, 2 stitches together). At the boundary between the brown knit- closed and the navy will knit a frog, according to the scheme. Outline frog will sew fleece black.

Top edge of the backpack are set up with dark brown thread, thread the two .
With dark brown thread crochet straps will rucascului: woman crocheting a chain is made up of 10 chain stitches. Next will be croseta picioruse without jeteu until at length 75 cm. Close stitches. Strap folds into two. Place which is in turn the middle strap is sewn hemstitch closest to the top of the backpack. Bretelelor edges of the bottom of the rucksack catch at a distance of 10 cm from each other.

It made a siren 110 cm length by twisting a wire and one dark brown Navy Blue and it goes through the first eyelet on the top edge of the rucksack.
In schematic no.2, 1-| white, 2-light yellow, 3-yellow, 4-Δportocaliu, 5-bleu marine, 6- x blue, 7- /verde open, 8- ↓ verde, 9-dark green ●, 10- ■ Black.
schema 2 pulover si rucsac

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