Sweater with hemstitch sleeves

eyelet sleeve pullover

pulover cu maneci ajur
Size: 38;
You will need:
– 250 g green fir Mondial Cotton Soft (100% cotton, 180 m /50 g);
– Knitting needles no. 2.5 si nr.3;

Thread density: Ochiuri 24 x 32 = 10 x 10 cm randuri;
Basic models:

Double elastic: Randul1: The thread is * 1 eye girl knits, 1 yarn over*, repeat * - * until the end of row. Row 2: * Knits Jetée is the front eye, It takes on andrea 1ochi as eye dos without knit, thread before work * repeat * - * to end of row. Row 3 and those who follow it: * 1 if fairy ochi pe ia andrea 1ochi ochi ca dos fara in if tricota, thread before work * repeat * - * to end of row.
schema pulover cu maneci ajur
Point semielastic: 1 knit stitch, 1 purl stitch;
Elastic 4/4: 4 front stitches, 4 purl stitches.
The hemstitch pattern (no. stitches = 4):
Row 1: * 2 stitches together against, 2 jeteuri, Andrea take one eye to eye face, Face and one eye passes over the eye took andrea *, it's repeat *-*.
Row 2 and all rows even: all stitches will be knit purl, jeteurile the row previously and will knit dos twisted;
Row 3: all stitches front;
Row 5: Repeat row 1 report.

Work description:
Back/Front: It mounts on the andrelele nr. 2.- 101 mesh and double elastic knits 4 rows 2 rows point semielastic.
Further needles will knit with elastic No.3 4/4, starting and ending rows of five mesh front. First will be added at regular intervals five mesh.
After the first 38 cm of all mesh ends.

Right sleeve and a half on the right front and back:
It mounts on the andrelele nr. 2.- 41 stitches and 4 rows elastic knits double and two rows point semielastic.
Next you will knit the andrelele No. 3 eyelet pattern, starting and ending rows of three mesh front. First will add one eye.
After, every 10th row will be added on both sides 15 x 1 eye.

After the first 56 cm will end the first 37 stitches and continue knitting the remaining stitches (see scheme).
After the first 64 cm will end the 35 stitches remaining.
Left sleeve and half of the front and rear left side similar to knitting the right.

Finishing: It achieves side seams, Stitch sleeve. Right and left halves party back / front will sew the top edge of the rear-end / front over a distance of 13 cm from the side seam (see picture).

Comments to Sweater with hemstitch sleeves

  • that,yarn over,it is somehow in the eye slipped!

    lucia 29 January, 2018 8:19 pm
  • Hello, as dori sa dezvoltati mai mult finisarea bluzei! Thank you,

    Rotaru Angela 25 March, 2020 11:46 for
  • Am mai scris un comentariu, dorind sa-mi aratati cum se finalizeaza bluza, deoarece asa cum am inteles din descrierea dvs., respectiv acei 13 cm de la maneca cu partea de sus a bluzei fata/spate, ar insemna sa mai existe o cusatura in spate, pe modelul ajur, ceea ce nu se vede din fotografie. Multumiri,

    Rotaru Angela 25 March, 2020 11:52 I
  • Good evening! Pe partea spate nu va mai exista nici o cusatura pe mijloc. Partea spate va arata exact ca partea din fata. So, detaliul din 35 ochiuri tricotate de la rascroiala manecii pana la 64 cm va forma umarul. Se coase pe 13 cm de la rascroiala manecii spre rascroiala gatului atat pe partea fata cat si pe partea spate.

    Nina 1 April, 2020 8:29 pm

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