Optimum period of african violets planting

planting African violetelor

plantarea violetelor africaneEvery lover of African violets, own experience, He established a plantation of African violetelor. Depending on the size of the plant, watering method, conditions in which violets grow and develop recommended planting African violets in a range from 6 months - 1 year.

Saintpaulia is one of decorative plants that do not require a dormant period and can thrive without a hitch throughout the whole year, If it grows and it would develop in ideal conditions. But, winter and summer, the growth and flowering of African violetelor stops, and the fall and spring the plant starts actively to grow and give the flower buds and logic in these two seasons of African violets will be plant in a soil fresher.

The months of September and March are the most indicated.
Autumn, African violets will return after the summer hot weather. Younger leaves come to power, I have a tendency to bend the edges inwards, on the contrary have an angle - an angle of 450 with the ground surface. The colors of the leaves is more vividly, fresher, and perisorii from the surface of the leaf breathe with ease, inspiring and cool humid air in the room.

Autumn, just like spring, African violets on the ledge have enough sunlight: not so strong as in summer, nor so low as in winter. In these two seasons, violets in full bloom buds and give.

During the summer, because of the heat, oxidative processes occurring in soil accelerates, soil acidity increases, plants are watered more often, because the pot is exposed soil salts from water. Humus in soil composition can rot and he.

Do not you mind the planting in these cases:

1. African violets watered the plant will wick more often, due to soil salinity.
2. Emergency planting is recommended in case of damage to the roots, execesiva soil fertilization, excessive loss of leaves.
3. The offspring of African violets and younger plants will plant as they grow.Use containers or pots slightly larger than previous ones. Recipentului new diameter must be 1-2 inches larger than the old one.
4. If African violet plants reach a mature size (from 60-80 till 4-5 cm diameter rozetei, in functie assortment of), size plant pots that will mature violets remain unchanged. Will continue Saintpaulia plant in pots of the same size with the previous.

Planting African violets is required, because they are planted in soil is poor in nutrients. While, soil becomes more dense and accumulate salts, and African violets, as we all know, are sensitive to soil salinity and soil quality in general. In most, as it leaves die down, bottom of the stem is empty, giving an issue unsightly plant.

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