Raincoat and booties for little princess

Raincoat and booties for little princess

Pardesiu si botosei pentru mica printesaSize: 62/68, 74/80, 86/92;

To coat: 250/300/300 g string pink ( 100 % lana,50 m/50 g);
For whales: 50/50/100 g pink thread ( 100 % lana,50 m/50 g);
No. 7 knitting needles for socks
Bodkins with cord No.8
Crochet No.10

Thread density: 11 stitches x 15 rows = 10 x 10 cm

  • Coat:
    Coat is knit as a single detail, incepand of gluga. Therefor, andrelele No. 7 on mounted 39/41/45 stitches and tricoteaza between the mesh of the model edge ' rice '. The first and last 2 stitches, located by the edge stitches will knit lazy point (bentita glugii).
    After 21/23/25 cm from the first, between the stitches to be knit edge 2 lazy point rows, after that point will be knit jersey, and the last 2 stitches and rhymes, located after mesh edge point will still knit lazy.

    First of all it will drop 3/3/7 meshes (Besides the two stitches that form the beaded headband). At same time, among 1, pass through the 4-color t-shirt motifs that make: thread 1 after the fourth eye, thread 2 after eye 14/15/15, 3. after the thread eye 22/23/23, 4 thread after eye 32/34/34. In every second row after the thread 1, before the wire 2, After the thread 3, 4 Add the wire before 18/19/21 x 1 eye (1 jeteu that it will knit dos or twisted girl) = 108/114/122 stitches.

    After 28/31/34 cm from first row knit all stitches will point Jersey in circular rows.
    After 24/25/28 cm from the hood( After adding the mesh) will be another round circular knit jersey point, 6/8/8 rows pattern 1 rand terms and rice Jersey, then stitches will close. Pardesiului without hood length is 29/31/34 cm.

  • Finishing: Sew the top of the hood. Woman crocheting is a string of length 100 cm of chain stitches and it goes through the first that follows after the Galvin knitted beaded headband with lazy point.

  • Botoseii: It mounts on the No. 7 andrelele 16/18/18 mesh and tricoteaza between the mesh of point edge Jersey. After 4.5/5/6 cm from the first 2 rows tricoteaza point Jersey, the first 2 stitches in the Middle will add 1 eye = 18/20/20 mesh. First 9/10/10-pass on a helpful and andrea will be knit 2 rows with a dot Jersey with the last 9/10/10 mesh.
    On the inner edge will get extra 6/7/7 stitches to be knit lazy point, still others will point jersey knit.

    After 11/12/14 cm from the first stitches close. The second part is knit botoselului symmetric. Botoselul 2 will knit as first.
    The parties forming the bottom edges Cart, heel and ankle botoselului. The thread goes back and fix the work.

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