Ideal soil for planting Parma Violets – Part 2

Ideal soil for planting Parma Violets

Pamant ideal pentru plantarea Violetelor de ParmaHumus plays an important role in the development of African violets. Consisting of decomposed organic matter in soil, It provides food mostly plants and antibodies that protect against many diseases.
Humus is found in the ground at a depth of 20-30 cm from the surface. The most beneficial types of hummus for the violets are those resulting from the breakdown of the leaves of Acacia, fir nettles. These types of hummus can be preaparate in home conditions for 2-3 years or brought directly from the Acacia forests, trees or where nettles grow in abundance.
Consistency humus must be one bloated and crumbly. When strangem in palma pamantul, it should not make bot.

After it has been brought from the forest, branches are clean, leaves and other debris, and keeps in the oven at a temperature of 200 ° C for one hour.
After, it is mixed with other compounds, as:
Sphagnum moss, two or three dry movilite/3 kg humus;
crushed charcoal grill, 2-3 teaspoons;
dried and crushed egg shells, 2 teaspoons;
river sand, as desired. Add only if you enter something in the composition of humus clay.

Soil mixing well we get a mixture that flowers simply will lafa.

One week after planting violets will be wet with warm water that has been dissolved a few berries of potassium permanganate to remove harmful salts of the flower and potential pests that have withstood the test of soil thermal processing.

The day after the plant was watered, saucers underneath flower wash and disinfect.

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