Sunflower hat

palariuta sunflower

palariuta floarea soareluiYou will need:
– 100 g yellow thread (100 g / 300m);
– Crochet No.3.

Hence the work:
The sweater chain of 5 stitches, which closes the circle through a foot of. Croseta scheme will be no. 1 until the required diameter of the palariutei.

After going croseta under no. 2. In diagram no. 2 is presented just the computer method of lines. The number of the stripes marveled depends on the diameter of the palariutei.
Will croseta after sketch No. 2 until we reach the necessary depth of palariutei.
schema palariuta floarea soarelui
For hats, the last row of the palariutei will croseta picioruse without jeteu. Among what's next will be croseta picioruse without jeteu, and every 4th row without jeteu of the bumbers is going 2 picioruse croseta without jeteu. It will crochet in this way, Depending on the desired width of borurilor.

Flower: The sweater chain of 6 stitches, which closes the circle through a foot of.
Row 1: 13 picioruse without jeteu, 1 foot of Contact;
Row 2: * 1 bumbers without jeteu, 3 chain stitches, 3 picioruse 2 jeteuri in a jeteu without the line foot, previously, 3 chain stitches *, Repeat *-* 6 times and it finishes with 1 foot of connection.

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