White hat

palariuta alba

palariuta alba
Head circumference: 40-42 cm;
You will need:
– 40 g white wire (100% cotton, 400 m/ 100 g);
– A few grams mélange yarn;
– Crochet no. 2;
– Pink Ribbon of atlas;
– pink beads.

Work description:

The sweater chain of 6 stitches and closes the circle. Will croseta under no. 1 up to ' depth ' required to palariutei (in this case the 20 rows).

Borides will hook like this: 1 rand picioruse seeds jeteu, and 1 row with jeteu picioruse, doubling the number of picoiruse in each eye from above.
schema2 palariuta albaschema1 palariuta alba

After, will hook under the scheme no.2, least-wired crosetandu melange.

Popcorn will be croseta under no. 3 and will be fixed on the palariuta as shown in the picture. In the center of the flower will sew a JK Guruji.

The Ribbon will go through the mesh from the base palariei. Palariuta will starching agents for textiles before being worn.

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