Mask for hair regrowth

Mask for hair regrowth

Masca pentru regenerarea parului
Tincture of cayenne pepper and hair regrowth.
During the transition to a new season is the most difficult for our ornament capillary. Hair needs more special care which consists in feeding, strengthening the roots and not its regeneration.
Each woman has her own hair care mask. Chilli prevail in many of them, especially those intended for hair regeneration.
Experts in the field recommend applying masks after scalp was rubbed for a few minutes with a mixture of sea salt and glycerin.

After following the proper application of the mask. Paprika, methylated, sea ​​salt are some components that you should not stay away. These warm scalp, stimulates blood circulation and trigger hair follicles.
In what follows I present two masks based hair regeneration pepper.

No mask. 1:
1 egg yolk;
2 tablespoons castor oil;
1 tablespoon Cayenne tincture;
1 tablespoon Calendula tincture.

Castor oil stimulates hair growth. Tincture of cayenne pepper stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Tincture of calendula healing properties, antiseptic, inflammatory, Antifungal and antibacterial. Egg yolk hair shine and nourishes hair roots.

Mix all ingredients. The hair root rubbing, shielding eyes. The head is covered with a bag over that put a cap or towel. The mask is 10-15 min. After ten minutes, rinse hair with warm water and wash your hair with shampoo for hair growth. Mask applied once a week. Application until the next hair mask massage is recommended twice a day, How many 50 times, with a stiff brush natural hair.

Attention! Mask applied once a week. Do not forget that we are dealing with a vegetable burning.

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