Ethno style jacket

Ethno style jacket

Jacheta in stil etnoAge: 2-3 years

400 g dark grey thread of medium thickness (100% acryl );
20 g and 20 g gray wire strand white
Knitting needles no. 4;
8 buttons dark grey.
Work density: 19 stitches x 23 rows = 10 x 10 cm.

Models used:

Point elastic: 2 front stitches, 2 purl stitches. In subsequent rows knitted mesh as shown.
Swedish models: under the scheme no. 1- 3;
Siret: Andrea 3 is mounted on a mesh and tricotează girl, * meshes shall be left andreaua, wire mesh and knit working after front stitches *. Repeat *-* until şiretul does not reach the required length.
Attention! It knits the yarn into two.

Back: Mounts with dark gray color wire mesh and 62 tricotează 5 cm elastic point , starting with row 2 mesh front, then continue with point jersey.
After 22 inches of Ribbon, for loose-fitting sleeves are closed from both sides in every second row 6 x 1 eye = 50 mesh.
At a length of 40 cm are closed every 13 stitches for each shoulder and how many stitches for neckline neck 24.

Right front side: Mounts with dark gray color wire mesh and tricotează 26, 5 cm elastic point starting with row 2 mesh dos, then continue with point jersey. Tricotează 33 rows is shown in diagram no.. 1, After the keyframe Navigator diamond is tricotează under no. 2 after 10 stitches at the beginning of the row, After that tricotează 7 rows with dark gray color wire, After 5 stitches at the beginning of the row under the keyframe Navigator diamond tricotează No.2, instead of changing the thread color, diamond wire is knit white, and gray diagonal wire. Continue knitting with dark gray thread.
After 22 cm from bentiţa, sleeve neckline that is done in the back.
At a length of 35 cm, loose neck clinging to the opposite in every second row 3 eyelets, 2-burners and 2 x 1 eye.
At a length of 40 cm close 13 stitches for your right shoulder.

The left front is symmetrical with the right knit.
The sleeve: Mounts with dark gray color wire mesh and tricotează 34 5 cm elastic point, adding the least 1 eye = 35 stitches.
Tricotează is 23 rows point Jersey, No model making scheme. 3, then continue with gray thread.
Every 8th row of both sides will add 6 x 1 = 47 eye eyelets.
After 29 cm from first place from both sides will conclude in every second row 6 x 1 eye, 2×3 stitches, After that will be closed and the 23 remaining stitches. The length of the tunnel is 37 cm.

Finishing: Are sewn garment details. For hood, from the edge of neckline, with dark gray color wire is mounted on 60 stitches and knitting needles are tricotează point Jersey. At a length of 20 cm meshes are divided into two, Each part is separate tricotându. From the inside of each party, in every second row will decrease by 8 x 2 = 14 mesh/mesh side.

At a length of 27 cm meshes are closed. The inner edges of the hood to cart.
Tricotează is wired color dark gray 6 inches with elastic mesh point on the right front side, front left side and on the top of the hood.
Tricotează the 4-length 12 cm laces. Put laces in two and sewn on parts, leaving open end forming a loop, then sewn on the left front end of the Siret River on the left to catch with one button.
On the right side next to each lacing to sew a button each.

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