Breeding parma violets

Breeding parma violets
Inmultirea Violetelor de Parma

Breeding parma violets

Many of us know that violets Parama multiply by leaf. From a leaf can get a chicken, two, six or even more. Is this the only way these delicate flowers propagating?
In what follows I will present some ways of propagating African Violets.

The first version: Propagation in water.
A variant probably pretty simple and widely practiced. Choose a healthy leaf, it is desirable to be in row 2 or 3 of the crown. Achieve an oblique cut, with a blade or a thin knife blade, the leaf stem. It is desirable that the length to be cut after the strain of 3-5 cm. Leaf is placed in water in a plastic bottle, or disposable cups, or any other small boat dark. Water should be at room temperature and not be changed throughout the breeding. Instead we must be careful when its level falls. And to make sure that stem rot, in water add a small piece of charcoal grill or a few berries potassium permanganate. Placed on a glass or plastic timber support, away from a strong source of heat or light. Fulfilling these conditions, 2-3 weeks will occur first roots.
When roots reach a length of 0,5 – 1 cm, leaf can be planted in a mold, light and sandy. The oblique planted at a depth of 0.5- 1.5 cm, for this reason it is necessary to put a prop under the leaf when it comes to power. After a month and a half or two we can enjoy the appearance of the first puppies.
If you made the cut goes blank and starts to rot, Take another cut stems by removing diseased.



The second option: African violets multiplication directly in the ground.
It's a safer alternative, puppies are more vigorous, however their appearance is the length.
If you opt for this mode of propagation, leaf stem length must be no more than 2-3 cm.Frunza oblique cut is planted in the ground to a depth of 0.5- 1.5 cm. The soil should be loose and easy. In its composition may enter and peat, but on one condition, pH value to be as small. Land must be kept moist, Until the advent of chickens.
Waiting time is slightly higher, two or even three months. When puppies reach a length of 4-5 cm, can separate plant. First in disposable cups, and as it increases, they are planting in pots larger.

Version 3: Multiply by chicken.

Violete de Parma

Violete Parma

Usually these chicks appear on the mother plant stem. Even if you do not want them planting, is necessary to clean these stem purple chicken. From regulates, pups mature plant stops flowering and squeezing.
It's a very simple version that does not involve too much waiting time. Puppies 3-4 cm long cut accurately on the mother plant stem. Place in water, in a small bowl. The water level should not exceed 'core; planted. Radacinutele usually appear after 2-3 weeks. We are sowing the ground when root length is 0.5-1 cm. The Cubs cut can still be sădiţi directly in the ground.

Alternative 4. Rejuvenation of old plant.
What do we do when our purple bloom 3-4 times and suffered loss leaves? We look to a plant palm. A thick and long stem with a few limp little leaves on top. To throw? Is that's out of the situation?

Well, We successfully to restore the appearance of old flower.
With a thin knife blade cut violet strain with 1cm below the top of the plant. Carefully clean piece of dark gouges strain and repeat the procedure described in option 1, the propagation.

Attention! The cut should not touch the bottom of the glass.
They last 2-3 weeks and we woke up with the first root. When they reached a length of 1cm, plant is planted in the ground.

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  • Hello, I'm glad I found your site, you're a very good housewife,give candy recipes, crosetezi,tricotezi and you like violets, you so beautiful as I start cultivated violet, now I only have 2 potted violets blue.Read about their cultivation is very interesting.A good night.

    Adina 16 October, 2014 5:02 pm
  • Hi, Adina!
    Violets are an old passion. Care for them with pleasure, because I always convey serenity and equanimity. And I feel they, I always enjoy the plentiful flowers.

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