Pots for violets

Violet pots

ghiveceWhen choosing pots for planting African violets must keep in mind the following rules:
1. In the natural environment, African violets grow and develop in a small amount of humus, that accumulates in crevices between rocks or tree roots. Following, violet plant pot that will not be very large.
In a large pot, African violet roots will absorb all soil. As time increases soil acidity, African violet will make many babies and will bloom little or no.
2. There is a golden rule for all decorative plants: Ghiveciului sadim in diameter plant must be three times smaller than the diameter of the Crown or rozetei. This rule is valid also for African violets.
For African violets 558 It is recommended to use ghivecelor maturity depending on the plant size:

Plant size
Rozetei size, cm
Ghiveciului diameter, cm
Semiminiaturala (midi)
< 7

Not African violets grow in pots ' for growth '. It is much better to do a new planting of violetei as it grows.
Saintpaulia has tiny roots lying on the surface. The air flow to the roots is a vital factor for the plant. Because of this, the pot plant doesn't have to be deep and narrow.
For standard and miniature violets, pot height must coincide with its diameter.

For violets large and very small, ideal are bowl shaped pots, height exceeds diameter pot about twice.
Mixture of land, used for planting violets, is loose, air flows through it easily, insa is usuca rapid, therefore must protect soil pot quick drying. From this point of view it is inappropriate to use unglazed ceramic pots, although, nor glazed appear to be ideal.

Ceramic pots retain moisture and are less hygienic. In their pores accumulate salts, African violets are susceptible to the. Because of this, many amateurs prefer planting purple flowers in plastic pots.

Special attention will be given on the bottom of the pot holes. They should not miss, because stagnant water damage violet roots.

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