African violets keeping conditions. Air humidity and CO2 levels


umidificatoareFor African violets, plant from tropical forests, optimum air humidity is 70-75%, and for rooting cuttings and seedlings planted fresh air humidity can be even 80-90%.
In apartments humidity is usually 40%, low even for man.
Optimal humidity Pentra residents is around 60%, that fact is acceptable and violets (mature violets varieties more resistant, face and a humidity of 40%).
Raising air humidity up to 60% is required for both a collection of African violets, cat is pentru stapanul acestora is the fel d este necesara precum if utilizeaza aparatele de aer conditionat in perioada caniculara. Printre Altele, trebuie de mentionat faptul ca instalatiile de Climatizare usuca aerul din incapere.

There Masuri trebuie know Luam pentru mints in umiditatea aerului in normal limit?
Never Intai de toate vom face de rost a higrometru you vom Masura umiditatea aerului din locuinta. If it is below 50% will take additional steps.

Solutia cea never rationala este de achizitiona to a umidificator.Umidificatorul are a sistem de vapor is foarte for mutual care nu permit formarea de igrasie sau mucegai. Pozitionat corespunzator is reglat in functie de dimensiunea camerei, He will provide the necessary comfort.
Before spraying, Water is disinfected and purified to a high temperature, thus preventing the spread of bacteria or viruses.

We know these types of humidifiers:

1. Hot Steam Humidifier. Water is boiled in a special dish and evaporate. The advantages of this type of humidifier is:
– Room air is enriched with water only.
– Is acceptable in terms of price.
– consume more electricity.
– hazardous to children;
– exceed the normal limits of indoor air humidity.

2. Humidifier natural hydration. In a plastic container filled with water, there is a sponge and a fan. The sponge absorbs water from the tank and evaporate a fan.
– only enriches the air with water;
– not expensive;
– consume less electricity;
– does not exceed the normal limits of indoor air humidity.
– sponge change over time. Inside the bacteria can multiply.

3. Ultrasonic Humidifier. Using this type of humidifier, water does not evaporate but dissipated under the influence of ultrasound.
– have an acceptable price;
– consume less electricity;
– Water is sprayed, and salts, impurities, After evaporation of chlorine in its composition is deposited on furniture or objects around;
– Some platforms are sensitive to ultrasound;
– may exceed the optimum level of humidity;
– contains components which in time will replace.

4. Air purifier. It consists of a tank which is filled with water. In this tank partially collapses several rotating disks, air is blown by a fan disks, evaporating water in the tank.
– only enriches the air with water;
– consume less electricity;
– does not exceed the normal limits of indoor air humidity;
– purify the air in the room (impurities from the air component is deposited on the walls of the tank).
– is expensive.

All the above types of humidifiers, are equipped with an array of features and accessories:
– hygrometer or moisture sensors that show the room;
– humidistat (maintain constant humidity in the room);
– Date at night;
– essential oil containers that allow air flavoring;
– indoor air ionization;
– sound or visual indicator that indicates the water level in the tank;
– against limescale filter;
– Power Spray.

Features and accessories are found above the price of the humidifier, which is between 35-215 $.
African violets are grown in specially designed rooms with shelves they create around them a microclimate with high humidity. For this you can convince, If you measure air humidity shelves with purple.

If the room when the air is dry, its humidity level of 40%, can undertake a number of measures to raise the humidity of the air: around the plants will sit containers with water, Sphagnum damp or wet expanded clay pots that put violets (farfuriutele under the pots need to protect them from tapping into potting soil moisture in the sink).

A moisture content of 80-90% around the bush or just planted Puet ensure microserelor using. Top shelves with saplings or seedlings are covered with polyethylene providing a warm and humid microclimate for plants.
As microsera can also use an aquarium sitting sideways or bulky plastic boxes of pastries.

Microserele will be aired 1-2 times per day, and plants microsite will keep under close observation: within microserei favorable conditions not only for the development of planes, but for different bacteria and fungi that harm violets.

Carbon dioxide is also an important parameter for growth and development Saintpauliei. Measuring the concentration in the air is done in specially arranged. If you're among the lucky ones who can afford this measurement, when the concentration of 750-1500 ppm CO2 favors the harmonious development of plants.

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