Blue beret and scarf

beret and scarf bleu

bereta si fular bleuHead circumference: 44-46 cm;

You will need:

– 250 g blue yarn (100% wool);

– Set of knitting needles;. 3 si nr.4;

– Crochet No.3;

– A flower Center bead.

Work description:


It is a chain of 80 stitches sweater and circle closes.

With each eye hooks chain is mounted on needles No.3 1 each eye. It knits semielastic point 2.5 cm, then with andrelele No.4 will knit as follows: *(1 yarn over, 2 stitches together against x 5), (1 yarn over, 1 ochi fata x 1)*. Repeat * - * to end of row.

After, scheme will knit pattern - 6 cm.schema bereta si fular bleu

Next will be trciota with andrelele No. 3 Jersey beret with peak point. All meshes are divided into 5 parts. The first eye of each part shall be marked with a contrasting color thread.

In the next line marked eye will knit together with the last part of the previous eye. Declines stove will accomplish more than 1 row. When each part will remain by 10 mesh, Frost meshes shall be made in each row that follows.

The 10 remaining is passed through the wire mesh work, yarn is tightened and fixed on the back part of the work.

The flower sweater and fixed some on the left (see picture). In the center of the flower to sew bead.


Is mounted on needles # 4- 7 stitches and knits point semielastic 80 cm after the stitches are close.

Next, Working without breaking thread, is mounted on the side of knitted mesh tape like this: 1 stitch, 1 jeteu pana la sfarsitul benzii.

Will continue knitting pattern of arrangement (18 to 20 times), Among all stitches are knit dos dos. Ultimately all meshes will close slightly.

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