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  • Vest with high collar

    Vest with high collar

    Handmade by

    Size: 36/38; You will need: 400 g fri GOA (50% cotton, 50% poliacril, 50 g/60 m); Knitting needles no. 6 and 7. Knitwear density: 15 stitches x 18 rows = 10 cm. Knitting explanation: Back: Mounts on andrea and tricotează mesh is 58..

  • mustard coloured vest

    Mustard waistcoat

    Handmade by

    Size: 36-38; You will need: 6 Hanks Extra Gold Wool yarn; Knitting needles nr. 6; 2 buckles (see picture). Lazy point: All stitches front in the front and back rows. Knitting explanation: Right side front: Mounts on andrea 65 meshes..

  • vest with bow tie

    Vest with bow tie

    Handmade by

    A festive vest for a little gentleman. Age: 6/12/18 months; You will need: 50 g black yarn; 50 g white yarn; 25 g red thread. Knitting needles no. 4; 3 buttons. Knitting explanation: Vest is knitted from medium thickness according to the scheme. It will pick a strand of knitting..

  • Baby Kimono jacket

    Baby Kimono jacket

    Handmade by

    A beautiful kimono jacket knitted hat for girls. It is tricotează as a single detail and finish with a knitting I-cord strap. Size: 6 months/12 months/18 months/2 years. Bust circumference (vest dressed): 49,5-54,5-60-67 cm. Its length..

  • Vest with style

    Vest with style

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    Size: 38/40 Materials: 300 g fir verde (70% acryl, 30% lana); Knitting needles no. 7. Knitting explanations: Rear side: Mounted on andrea 54 mesh and 52 cm point lazy knits(all stitches are knit rows in front and dos dos). ..