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  • Leafy summer tunic

    Leafy summer tunic

    Handmade by

    Size: XS-S(M-L)XL-XXL materials: 400(450)550 g Tomas Bambu yarn (68% bamboo, 32% cotton, 135 m/50 g); Knitting needles No. 3.5; Circular knitting needles no. 3.. Knitwear density: 22 stitches х 34 rows = 10 х 10 cm. Explanation of knitting summer Tunic..

  • Tunica Lilies

    Tunica Lilies

    Handmade by

    Size: 38-40; You will need: 200 g yarn lilac Pelican (Vita Cotton) (100% cotton Double Mercerized, 330 m/50 g); Crochet no. 1.5 and no. 2. Within our reach, explanation: Will crochet tunic from top to down after schema # 1. It will croșeta the top up..

  • Tunica "Floarea Soarelui"

    Tunica “Sunflower”

    Handmade by

    Size: 42; You will need: -500 g fir Cotton Eco (100% cotton. 130m/50g); Knitting needles no. 3; Crochet No.3. Knitwear density: Ochiuri 23 x 31 = 10 x 10 cm randuri; Knitting explanation: Back: It mounts on the 110 mesh and andrea tricoteaza in this way..

  • Crochet top for girls

    Crochet top for girls

    Handmade by

    Age: 2-3 years; You will need: 50 g white yarn Alize Forever Croshet; 50 g yarn orange; crochet nr.2.5; The models applied and brightly coloured threads gives the deck a touch of elegance and good mood. No one is going to compare to your daughter! Models..

  • Pink Tunica with flowers

    Pink Tunica with flowers

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    Age: 1-2 years; You will need: 4 hanks yarn and 1 skein pink Amore brown; Knitting needles no. 3; Crochet no. 2; 3 buttons. Work description: Front: It's andrea monteza wired pink mesh 180 tricoteaza and 21 cm elastic 1×1, After that..