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  • knitted socks

    Knitted socks

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    Size: 36; You will need: 70-100 g Speck cream yarn (100% wool, 300m/100g); 25 g white yarn (100% kid mohair, 250 m/50 g); A set of 5 knitting needles no. 2.5. Knitting explanation: Socks will knit in two yarns, sticking wool yarn with the mohair. It mounts..

  • Colored socks

    Colored socks

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    You will need: 100 g yellow thread; 20 g white thread; 25 g pink yarn; Knitting needles No. 3.5. Knitting explanation: 1. The side from the front of the stockings will be knit with shortened rows lenes. The yellow wire is mounted on mesh and andrea tricoteaza 22..

  • Citronella Socks

    Citronella Socks

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    Citronella Socks, socks knitted with yarn in the colors of yellow gradient, White and pink. You will need: 100 g yarn for producing șosetelor gradient (420 m). Knitting needles for socks (5 pieces) Nr. 2.5. Knitting explanation: Description of tricotării..

  • Socks short jokes

    Socks short jokes

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    Size: 36-38. You will need: 100 g fir rosu Adelia Marra; Knitting needles no. 3; Crochet No.3. Bobsled: It will be using crochet. The eye of the needle is twisted take on crochet. This eye sweater chain of 4 stitches. In prumul eyes..

  • Edward knitted stockings

    Slippers for large and for small

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    Size: between 35 and 37 Description of work: Knitting booties starts at the sole. Andrea 53 mesh-mounted (with all the edge stitches) and knits as follows: Row 1: 1 edge stitch, 8 knit stitches, 1 yarn over, 17..