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  • rucsac oita shaun

    Backpack Shaun the Sheep

    Handmade by

    Dimensions: 17cm x 11 cm x 23 cm; You will need: 200 g white yarn (82% lana, 18% acril, 100g/120m); Few grams gray wire; Synthetic fillers; 2 ochisori zambareti; Knitting needles no. 4; Crochet nr.3.5. Elongated eyes: The knit face and eye, without taking on the andreaua..

  • Sweater and backpack

    Sweater and backpack

    Handmade by

    Age: 3-4 years; Material: – 200 g melange yarn (100% acrylic, 100 g/230 m) light brown in color; – 50 g dark brown thread; – A few grams of yarn is different colors; – Knitting needles no. 3; – Knitting needles for socks No.3; ..