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  • dress crosetata with model scales

    Crocheted dress with model scales

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    A special and original dress. Age: 2-3 years; Bust circumference: 50 cm; Necessary Material: 2 Hanks yarn thickness medium separated; Crochet no. 3.25; Crocheting explanation: Skirt: will crochet backward. It's crochet a chain-length 35 cm. Will croseta..

  • Dress for girls

    Dress for girls

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    Age: 2 years; You will need: 150 g grey Givre3 thread (30% wool, 70% acryl, 25 g/107m); Knitting needles no. 2.5; Circular knitting needles no. 3; Croșetă No. 2.5 Markers, 3 buttons with a diameter of 14 mm w. Gravity: 27.5 x 40 mesh rows = 10×10 cm. Explicație ..

  • basis for sundresses

    The basis for sundresses

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    In this article we present a standard chart used for knitting sarafanelor for girls. Scheme is foreseen for the Sarafan Lord of which have an age of 1-2 years. The Sarafan can knit circular or on parts. Is indicated..

  • Crocheted dress

    Crocheted dress

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    Size 36/38; You will need: 450 g butter-colored wire Go Go (100% cotton, 240 m/50 g); Crochet no.2; Explanation crocheting: In front: Crochet 10 reasons after the scheme number 1, which will unite with each other during their crochet. ..

  • Mixed dress

    Mixed dress

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    Age: 1-2 years; You will need: -100 g Speck Nako! (100% premium acrylic micro, 100 g/230m); Knitting needles no. 4; Crochet no. 3; 3 buttons in the shape of a flower. For the skirt: Cotton fabric desired length, Elastic. Knitting explanation: The side..