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  • Denim jacket and gloves

    Jacket and gloves “Denim”

    Handmade by

    Size: 36-40; You will need: 650 g blue yarn (100% wool; 90 m/50 g) for jacket; 100 g blue yarn (100% wool; 90 m/50 g) for gloves; Set of 5 circular knitting needles No.5; Circular needless No.5; Pattern 'torsade': the number of meshes..

  • gloves grey girl

    Grey gloves

    Handmade by

    You will need: 100 g grey yarn (100% wool); Knitting needles No. 4 and no. 4,5. Knitting explanation: Right glove: On the knitting needles nr. 4, mounts 48 stitches. Stitches are closed in circle and is knitting as follows: Row 1: (1 front behind the eye..

  • gloves without fingers

    Gloves without fingers

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    Size: average; Length 18 cm, width-9 cm; You will need: 50 g of average thickness (100m/50g); 1 set of knitting needles for hosiery; 3 1 andrea helpful markers. Knitwear density: mesh x36 23 rows = 10×10 cm; Knitting explanation: Glove..

  • Hat scarf and gloves without fingers

    Beanie, scarf and gloves without fingers

    Handmade by

    Scarf: Girth is 130 cm and width of 25 cm Cap: cranial girth 52-56 cm; Gloves: circumference is 20 inches and a length of 20 cm. You will need: 250 g fir gri – Rialto's Chunky silver (100% wool, 60 m/50 g) 100 g thread gradient..

  • knitted gloves

    Knitted Gloves

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    You will need: 100 g grey yarn (100% lana merinos); Knitting needles no. 4. Work description: It mounts on the andrea 52 and mesh tricoteaza 40 cm elastic circular 2×2. Lastly add 2 mesh of elastic. It will continue to knit..