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  • Chic Vest

    Chic Vest

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    Size: 36.38; You will need: 200 g beige yarn (50% acrylic 50% wool); Crochet no.5; A helpful knitting needle; Needless No.5. Knitwear density: 21 stitches x 26 rows = 10 x 10 cm; Models used: Torsade from 6 stitches to the left: Row 1: 3..

  • summer hat for girls

    Summer beanie for girls

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    Cranial circumference: 48-52; You will need: 50 g strand Bamboo, Color City (45% cotton, 55% bamboo, 155m/50 g); Circular knitting needles no. 2.5. Crochet no. 2.5. Knitting explanation. The hat is knit from top to bottom. With the help of croșetei is croșetează..

  • summer blouse

    Summer blouse

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    Size: 36/38; You will need: 300 g Cascade Sierra yarn (80% cotton, 20% wool, 175m/100 g); Knitting needles no. 3.75 and no. 4.5.; Crochet no.4; Markers. Knitwear density: 16 stitches x 24 rows = 10×10 cm. Knitting explanation: Back: On the knitting needles nr. 4.5..

  • Knitted beanie with Flower

    Knitted beanie with Flower

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    Head circumference: 52-55 cm; Length on vertical: 20 cm; You will need: 100 g Brand Martha Stewart thread Extra Soft Wool Blend; Circular knitting needles No. 4 and no. 4,5; A helpful needles; Crochet no.4; 1 marker; A pearl button. Knitwear density: ..

  • Chic sweater

    Chic sweater for girls

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    Age: 2-3 years; Bust circumference = 60 cm. You will need: 200 g thin pink yarn (150 m/50g); Knitting needles no. 2 and no. 3; Knitwear density: 43 stitches = 10 cm; Knitting explanation: Knit sweater will be from the first sleeve and ending..