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  • Unisex vest for babies

    Unisex vest for babies

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    Age: 1 an; You will need: 100 g fir Alize baby cotton (100 g/270 m); Knitting needles no. 3; 5 buttons. Helpful kniting needles. Knitting explanation: This vest is for both girls and boys, The description is the same, the difference is..

  • Candy Hat

    Candy hat

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    Head circumference: 52-56 cm; You will need: 2 yarn threads ВВВ FULL (100% extra fine merino wool, 90m/50g); Circular knitting needles no.4 or 5. Knitting explanation: Is cast on needle 96 stitches. Stitches closed the circle and is tricotează..

  • Beret for girls

    Beret for girls

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    Age: 6 years; You will need: 100 g grey yarn (merino and polyamide); Knitting needles no. 3.5 and nr. 4.5; Knitting explanation: The beret will knit circular. On the knitting needles no. 3.5 are cast on 100 stitches. Stitches are closed in circle. Knit 10 rows ..

  • Headband knitted with bow

    Headband knitted with bow

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    Head circumference: 50 cm; Knitting needles no.3 30 g fir lila (50% wool, 50% acrylic); Width: 10 cm; Knitting explanation: The headband will knit with lazy point (knit stitches in the front rows and back rows). Cast on knitting needle 4 stitches. ..

  • Beanie with double torsade

    Beanie with double torsade

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    Cranial circumference: 50-54 cm; You will need: 100 g Alize Angora Gold yarn (550m/100 g); Knitting needles no. 4 and no.4.5; Knitting explanation: The hat is knit with circular rows from the bottom up, the thread is put in 3. On the knitting needles no. 4 mount..