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  • bolero sweater

    Bolero sweater

    Handmade by

    Size: 36-40, 42-46 materials: 400 g ONIine yarn Line 351 Capri (42% poliacril, 32% alpaca, 20% wool, 6% polyester, 150 m/50 g); Knitting needles no,5.5; Knitwear density: 21 stitches x 30 rows = 10 х 10 cm. Models used: ' Chess board ': ..

  • bolero knitting

    Knitted Bolero

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    Size: 36; 150 g grey thread for knitting needles nr. 5; Needless No.5. Knitting explanation: The left front: It mounts on the knitting needles 22 stitches and knit as follows: Row 1: All the stitches front. Row 2 and all rows even: All meshes..

  • small Bolero knitting

    Small Bolero

    Handmade by

    Small Bolero knitting – a must have for the summer wardrobe. Small and delicate, This coat you heat in summer breezy and fits easily into the screen. Size: 38; You will need: 150 g thread Jeans..

  • Chic Bolero knitting

    Chic and elegant Bolero

    Handmade by

    A bolero recommended for special occasions. You will need: 200 g white thread Nako Kid Moher (50% mohair, 50% acrylic, 440m/100 g); Knitting needles knitting Explanation No. 5: Back: Andrea is mounted on a mesh and tricotează 76 2 cm point Jersey. For..

  • Purple Bolero with flower

    Purple Bolero with flower

    Handmade by

    Size: 36/38 materials: 200 g purple thread (50% Merino, 50% acrylic, 200 m/100 g); Knitting needles nr. 4 Croșeta No.4 Staple-hook. Knitwear density: 18 stitches x 24 rows = 10×10 cm; Torsades de: 2 stitches. Each row will face knit..