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  • mite parasitiformes

    Acarianul Parasitiformes

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    It is a new mite who do not know too much information. The behavior of this mite, form oualor, how and where they are deposited suggests that we are dealing with a partially parasitic mite herbivore. Most likely it is..

  • African Violet - senpolia colection

    Transparent mite (Tarsonemidae)

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    Tarsonemidae mite family is quite large and includes a variety of species. In general, this species of mites feeding on different species of fungi mycelium. They discovered quite aggressive species, for example species of mites..

  • Flat leaf mite affected

    Flat mite

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    Representatives Tenuipalpidae species closely related to spiders mites are, Actually they are called spider mites false. The main difference between these two species is anatomical body shape. Spider mite has a body full, ..

  • Spider mite Tetranychus Herba urticae

    Spider mite (Tetranychus urticae)

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    African violets pests, as houseplants and are divided into three categories: 1) Acarieni; 2) Insect; 3) Worms. In the following I present some information about each species separately. Mites belong to the category: ..