Beanie Hat turquoise

Beanie Hat turquoise

Head circumference: 52-54 cm;
You will need:
100 g Suave Merino yarn(100% Peruvian wool, 100 m/50 g);
Circular knitting needles no. 4.

Knitting explanation:
Cast on needle 120 stitches. Stitches are closed in circle and knit 8 rows of elastic 2 x 2.
Continue to knit the pattern shown in diagram no. 1.
The rows 1-20 are repeated 3 times or 2 times if desired a hat shorter.

Then you knit the top of the hat according to the diagram nr.2.
Pink square represents the lack of stitch. It will omit and will knit the next stitch.
After knitting the last row shown in diagram no.2 on knitting needle will remain 10 stitches.
Schema 1 caciula beanie turcoazSchema 2 caciula beanie turcoaz
Working yarn is cut leaving a long end.
The end of the yarn will pass through the remaining stitches.

The thread is tightened and fixed on the inside of the hat.
The hat wash, put on a towel and dry.

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