Yellow crocheted blouse

Yellow crocheted blouse

Size: 38;
You will need:
300 g yellow thread (100% cotton, 350 m/100 g);
Crochet no.2,5.

Explanation crocheting:
The bottom of the blouse: Crochet 17 floral motifs according to the scheme no.1. The flowers will unite between them, when you knit the last row of the plea. Band with flowers joining in the circle. From both sides of the tape will crochet motif shown in diagram no.3.
Then you knit the circular top of the blouse under the scheme no.2
When the detail will measure 33 cm, it will split into two parts and each part will knit separately.

The top of the back part: for the formation of the răscroielii tunnel, it will decrease from both sides 3 x 1 arch of chain stitches. Further it will knit straight. When the back side will measure 47 cm from the first row, for the neckline, I will crochet the 7 arcade in the center and each side will be knit separately.

For rounding the neckline will fall from the inner edge 2 x 1 arch.
When the neckline sleeves will measure 24 cm, will finish the first part. The second part of the neckline of the back side will be knit symmetrically.Scheme Bluza galbena crosetata

The top of the front part: The detail will split in two and each side will be knit separately. The decreases for neckline sleeve will be like at the back. At the same time will achieve and neckline in V shape – it will decrease 12 x 1 arch.

For finishing the neckline will knit 9 floral after scheme no.1. In the flower on the middle, it will crochet a chain of 5 stitches instead of 11 (to form the corner). On the bottom edge of the tape with the flowers it will crochet conform diagram no.3, uniting the strip with the edge of the neckline and the shoulder line.
Edge of the neckline will finish with the model in scheme no.3

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  • This is a beautiful top! I don\’t understand the written pattern, it\’s difficult to read because it probably didn\’t translate into American English very well. I can (usually) read patterns with the steps written out more detailedI also learn well watching YouTube tutorials. Your crochet items are beautiful.

    Linda Bessinger 17 June, 2021 7:05 pm

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