Cardigan with jagged edges

Cardigan with jagged edges

Size: 38/42;
You will need:
650 g beige yarn (68% alpaca, 22% nylon, 10% wool; 110 m/50 g);
Knitting needles no.5 with lanyard.
Helpful kniting needles.

Knitwear density: 19,5 stitches x 20,5 rows = 10 x 10 cm;

Jagged pattern: Number of stitches = 16+7+2 edge stitches. It will knit according to the diagram. In the scheme are presented the front rows and back rows. Starts with row with 1 edge stitch, is knitting stitches before the report, the report repeats, it ends the row with stitches after the report, 1 edge stitch. The rows 0 to 4 are repeated once, after that rows 1-4 are repeated.

Knitting explanation:
The cardigan will be knit as a single detail up to neckline sleeves with rows of round-trip.
Is cast on needle 265 stitches and starting with the first row will knit the pattern shown in the scheme. The first back row will not take into account.
After 50,5 cm = 104 rows from the first row, for the neckline sleeves, are close of those 13 stitches from the center of the report no. 5 and from report no.. 12 (see scheme).
So, for the front parties we have 70 stitches each and 99 stitches for the back part.
schema cardigan cu margini zimtate
Further it will knit the stitches of the back part.
After 70 cm = 144 rows from the first row, for the neckline, will close 33 stitches from center and each side will knit separately.
After 72 cm = 148 rows from the first row, are close of those 33 remaining stitches for the shoulder line. The same applies with the other side.
Will be passed on working needle those 70 stitches of the left front part and knit the pattern under the scheme.
After 72 cm = 148 rows from the first row, are close of 33 stitches for the shoulder line and 37 stitches are let on a helpful knitting needle for collar.
The right front part will knit similarly symmetrical with the left front part.
tipar cardigan cu margini zimtate
The sleeve: Is cast on needle 83 stitches and starting with the first row will knit the pattern shown in the scheme. Row start with 1 edge stitch, knit the stitches from the arrow B up to the end of the report, knit report 4 times and ends with the stitches before the report until the arrow, 1 edge stitch.
At the beginning and at the end of the row 1 and 3 of the scheme, instead of 3 purl stitches together will knit 2 purl stitches together and instead of 1 stitch with double inclination to left will knit 2 stitches together to the left (is take one stitch on working knitting needle without knitting, 1 knit stitch. The knitted stitch are pass over the one took.)
After 48 cm = 98 rows from the first row, all stitches will close. Similarly it will be knit and the second sleeve.

Finishing: Is carried out the seams on the shoulder line. The stitches for the collar of the left front part is passed on working needle and knit according to the scheme still 8 cm. The same applies and for those of the right front part. Both halves of the collar are unite together on the middle, by applying the seam ‘stitch in stitch’ and sew the collar on edge of neckline on the back.
It is realizing the seam of the sleeves.

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