Beanie hat

Cãciula beanie

Head circumference: 57 cm;
You will need:
100 g grey yarn (80% wool, 20% acrylic, 200 m/100 g);
Knitting needles No. 3.5;
Crochet no.2.

Knitting explanation:
The hat is going to knit backwards, from left to right.
Cast on knitting needle 50 stitches and knit with lazy point (in the front rows and back all stitches are knit front).

Because the bottom edge does not deform, edge stitch will be knitted.
In order to achieve the top of the hat, each of the 9-th row will be shortened: at the bottom edge of the hat is knit first 43 stitches.schema caciula beanie
Working yarn is passed after the 44-th stitch, the work is turn and knit towards the bottom edge of the hat.

When the circumference of the hat will have the size you need, all stitches will close.
Using crochet, pass the working yarn on the top edge of the hat (the narrower edge).
The yarn is tightened, it binds the ends and secured to the back side of the hat.
The bottom edge of the hat is finished with a row chain 3 picot (double crochet from left to right).

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