Summer blouse

Summer blouse

Size: 36-38,
You will need:
165 g Ana-Twist yarn (100% Egyptian Mercerized cotton, 500 m/100 g);
Crochet no.1,5.

Explanation crocheting:
Blouse will crochet from top to bottom. Crochet a chain of 171 stitches. Stitches are closed in circle with a slip stitch and crochet according to the scheme no.1 – 9 reports of 19 stitches each.

Further it will crochet conform diagram no.2, distributing the number of stitches so as to obtain 20 reports leaf along the circular row.
When will crochet the second report on height, add another 2 little leaves according to the scheme no.3.

Further work will be divided in the following way: 6 leaves for the front side, 5 leaves for the sleeve, 6 leaf for the rear, 5 leaves for the sleeve.
On the back is crochet a leaf ratio on height, after that it will include in the work and other stitches.

schema 1 bluza de varaschema 2 bluza de varaschema 3 bluza de varaschema 4 bluza de vara

Further it will add stitches for the neckline and sleeve, according to the scheme no.4. It will add 2 leaves to each armhole.
It will crochet the pattern until desired length.
The neckline will finish with 5 rows single crochet and 1 row of ‘3-chain picot’. The bottom edge of the blouse and the sleeves will finish with 1 row of ‘3-chain picot’.

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  • Very beautiful. Compliments.

    Aurelia 17 February, 2017 10:11 am
  • Olá, por favor poderia me ensinar com vídeo. (PORTUGUÊS BRASIL.

    Josie paixão 29 June, 2019 1:30 am

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