Pink tunic for girls

Pink tunic for girls

tunica roz pentru feteAge: 4-6 years;
You will need:
1 skein yarn Superlana Klasik Batik, part No. 2967;
1 skein twinkle pink Superlana Klasik;
Knitting needles no. 4.

Knitting explanation:
The tunic will knit from top to bottom.
With the Batik yarn is mounted on needle 90 stitches. Stitches are closed in circle and knit 5 cm with lazy point, after which it will knit with pink yarn 2 rows with elastic 1 x 1.
Further it will add stitches in the following way: before of every purl stitch will add 1 more purl stitch from yarn between those 2 stitches. Other stitches will knit as presents.
It knits straight (without stitches additions) 9 rows. In row 10 is repeat again additions of stitches, after which is knitting straight another 9 rows.

Will add stitches in this manner, until between knit stitches will be by 5 purl stitches.
After 13 cm knitted with pink yarn, stitches are divided in the following way: 70 stitches for the front side, 70 stitches for the back side and by 71 stitches for each sleeve.
Further, every detail will be knit separately.

The sleeve: It will knit with circular rows.
Row 1: (11 purl stitches, 1 knit stitch) x 2, 11 purl stitches, from the front stitch it will add 4 knit stitches for the rhomb, (11 purl stitches, 1 knit stitch) x 2, 11 purl stitches.
Further, the stitches are knitted as presented, and in place of where are added those 4 stitches will be achieved rhombus pattern presented in scheme. In the scheme are presented only the odd rows, in even rows the stitches are knitted as presents.
After knitting the rhombus pattern, with Batik yarn knit 8 more rows with lazy point, after that the stitches are closed.sketch tunica Pink for girls

Front side: Knitting this detail will be made according to the stripes knitted with knit stitches. In the first stripe, stitch is knitting front, in the following two stripes , knit stitches will knit as purl stitches = after 17 purl stitches, it will create a stripe with 1 knit stitch.
Is knitting in this mode 4 cm. Next will knit as follows:
From the first stripe with knit stitch, will add 4 stitches for knitting rhombus pattern. The other stitches are knitted as presented. In the next following row is knitting the rhombus patern according to scheme. After 2 knitted rhombus, from the next stripe with knit stitches will add 4 stitches and knit rhombus pattern. After 1 rhombus knitted on stripe 2, in the stripe will add 4 stitches and is knit model shown in scheme.
After 2 knitted rhombus on stripe 3, from stripe 4 will add 4 stitches and knit 2 rhombus according to scheme.

In the end: on stripe 1 will knit 7 rhombus, on stripe 2 - 5 rhombus, on stripe 3- 4 rhombus and on the 4 stripe- 2 rhombus.
After knitting the last two rhombus on the stripe 4, with Batik yarn will knit - 8 rows with lazy point, after that the stitches are closed.
Throughout the knitting the front detail, in every 10th row will be added from both sides by 1 stitch. Added stitches will be knitted as purl stitches.

The back side will knit as the front side except streaks with the rhombus pattern. They will be knitted with knit stitch until the end of the work.

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