Knitted socks

knitted socks

sosete tricotateSize: 36;
You will need:
70-100 g Speck cream yarn (100% wool, 300m/100g);
25 g white yarn (100% kid mohair, 250 m/50 g);
A set of 5 knitting needles no. 2.5.

Knitting explanation:
Socks will knit in two yarns, sticking wool yarn with the mohair.
It mounts on two knitting needles 48 stitches. Stitches are divided on 4 knitting needles, by 12 stitches on each needle.
Stitches are closed in circle and it knit 10 rows elastic 1×1 (1 knit stitch, 1 purl stitch).
Next, the stitches from the first two knitting needles are knitted with jersey point, those from needle 3 with the model shown in diagram, and those from the needle 4 with jersey point. Model of arrangement must be located on the front side of the central socks.
Will knit this way 12 cm.

Then, it will continue with knitting the heel. All stitches are distributed on 2 knitting needles. 24 stitches will assign to heel, the other 24 stitches, with the model on the middle, will remain on second needle without knit.
With the stitches for the soles will knit jersey point 16 rows (round trip).
Next, soles stitches will be divided into 3 equal parts, by 8 stitches for each part. It will knit like this: 7 stitches jersey point, 2 stitches together front, 6 stitches jersey point (the central part of the heel), 2 stitches together front. The work is turn. Will knit only those 6 central heel stitches, marginal stitches of the central part will knit together front with sides stitches of the heel.schita sosete tricotate

It will be knit in this way, until on needle will remain 8 stitches.
From the side edges of the heel wil be mounted on needle 10 stitches, are included in knitting and those 24 remaining pending stitches = 52 stitches. Will knit the sole with those 5 knitting needles.
Will knit straight, with the model shown in diagram on center-17 cm.
Further it will knit the top of the socks. Will knit together the last two front stitches from each needle. It will decrease stitches in this way, until on needle will remain 4 stitches.
Working yarn is cut, leaving an end longer. End of the thread is passed through remaining stitches. The yarn is tightened and fixed on the inside of the knitting work.

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