Casual sweater

loose sweater

pulover lejerSize: 36/38 (46/48).
You will need:
450 (600) g fir “Noble” from LANA GROSSA (70% cotton, 30% polyamide, 110 m/50 g);
Straight knitting needles and circular no. 6;
The basic model: Number of stitches: 28 1 2 side stitch.
It will knit according to the diagram. In the scheme are presented only the front rows. In back rows yarn overs will knit as purl stitches, other stitches as presented.
Knitting pattern starts with 1 side stitch, it's repeat the report from diagram. The row ends with stitches after report, 1 edge stitch. Repeat rows 1-16.
Knitwear density: 20 stitches x 31,5 rows = 10 х 10 cm;

Knitting explanation:
Back: It mounts on needle 87 (115) stitches and knit the basic pattern (scheme no. 1).
After 41 cm = 130 rows (46,5 cm = 146 rows) at the first row, for the shoulder line is closed from both sides as far as 23 (33) stitches. Those 41 (49) stitches left in center for neckline, are left on helping needle.pulover lejer schema
The front side will be knit similarly.
Finishing: It makes the shoulder seams lines.
The neckline stitches from the helpful needles are pass on circular needles. Close stitches in circle. With those 82 (98) stitches is knit 1 row with all stitches front, and in next row the stitches will close.
The sleeves: From the side edges of the back part mount on needle 68 (76) stitches and knit with lazy point. After 18 (23) cm knitted, stitches are closed.
The side edges of the sleeves will bend on both sides in front and sewn to front side. these seam will coincide with the middle of the front part.

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  • Est-ce possible d’obtenir le patron au complet. Il est superbe ce chandail.

    Loulou Arseneault 27 June, 2019 2:38 pm

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