Crocheted Bolero

Crocheted Bolero

bolero crosetatSize: 36/38;
You will need:
110 g thread purple Alpina TESSA (100% wool, 315m/50 g);
Crochet no. 1.6.

Basic models:
Hemstitch pattern will be crocheted after diagram no.1. Is repeated rows 1-9, after that it will crochet rows 2-9.
Stitch additions for the sleeve shall be made according to the diagram no. 2;
Side stitch decreases shall be made according to the diagram no. 3.
Elastic will crochet after diagram no.4.
Density: 40 stitches x 14 rows = 10×10 cm.

Crocheting explanation:

Rear and front sides will crochet as a single detail.
It will start crocheting with hemstitch pattern, according to the no.1 digram. It will crochet 13 reports. After 9 rows crocheted will be performed side decrease stitches for the parties according to the no.3 diagram. It will crochet in this way, until the length of of detail will measure 23 cm.tipar bolero crosetatschite bolero crosetat
it will finish neckline with elastic presented in no.4 diagram.

Right sleeve: It's crochet a chain of 100 stitches.
The stitches are closed in circle using a slip stitch.
Further will crochet circular pattern of no.1 diagram.
After 21 rows crocheted will be add stitches after the no.2 diagram.
After 45 crocheted rows, will crochet with round-trip rows.
After 56 cm crocheted, for neckline let loose two reports.
It will crochet another 10 rows, after that will finish sleeve.

Left sleeve will be crochet like right sleeve, but for neckline will let loose two reports from left.
Finishing: Using the model from no.4 diagram fix sleeves to main detail.

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