Crocheted dress

Crocheted dress

Crocheted dressSize 36/38;
You will need:
450 g butter-colored wire Go Go (100% cotton, 240 m/50 g);
Crochet no.2;

Explanation crocheting:

In front: Crochet 10 reasons after the scheme number 1, which will unite with each other during their crochet.
Further it will knit after the number 2 – 32 cm.
Then knitt 8 reasons after the number 1 scheme and crochet another 24 cm after the number 2 scheme.

From both sides leave 3 ratios for loose-fitting sleeves and is croșetează the top of the dress with the grounds after the schema number 1.
For the top of the dress will croșeta 5 reasons and 3 reasons why each Bahari .
the crosetata Dress
Back: Croșetează as part of the face except the part from above.
On top of the back will not be croșeta reasons, but 11 cm model shown in diagram no. 2 (9 length ratios).

Finishing: Side seams are carried out.
Edges of rascroielii neck and armholes are finished with two rows without feet jeteu.
The bottom edge of the dress will be introduced with the model shown in diagram no. 3.

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  • A. Good!
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