The basis for sundresses

basis for sundresses

basis for sundresses
In this article we present a standard chart used for knitting sarafanelor for girls.

Scheme is foreseen for the Sarafan Lord of which have an age of 1-2 years.

The Sarafan can knit circular or on parts. Circular knitting is indicated, in this case avoids the seams that little inconvenience can cause sometimes the ladies attention.

The bottom edge of the sarafanului consists of 12 rows: 2 lazy point rows, 8 rows pattern a certain (brăduț, diagonal eyelet, ajur lines, bobulețe, diamonds etc.), 2 lazy point rows.

On the 30 May the Central mesh easily pattern knit eyelet: leaf sprig, lilies and etc.. or why not a model aaran. As an example, we present a model of its kind in Schedule No. 2.

the sarafan

the sarafan

the basis of sarafan

the basis of sarafan

The declines in both sides of the central.
On the back you can knit single jersey with dot, mesh markdowns will be carried out in the same fashion as the front side.

Loose-fitting tunnel will be among 14 top part. Close both sides of each 4-every 2nd row after the first and before the last 4 stitches minus 5 x 1 eye.
The neckline is a bit different. On the front side will be among 31, closing 30 stitches in knitting and Center each side separately up to the length of the rear party.

On the back neckline starts among 37, closing 12 stitches from the heart. Then each side will knit straight over 3 rows. Among 41 all meshes are closed.
Rascroielii neck edges, of the sleeves and the bottom of the sarafanului can finish using croșetei mode ' rac ' steps.
Nothing complicated. The remains of the chosen model and the one on the bottom and luck at the job!

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