Socks short jokes

Socks short jokes

Socks short jokesSize: 36-38.
You will need:
100 g fir rosu Adelia Marra;
Knitting needles no. 3;
Crochet No.3.

It will be using crochet. The eye of the needle is twisted take on crochet. This eye sweater chain of 4 stitches. In the eyes of Prüm will crochet chain four feet with jeteu. Each foot will remain on crochet. All 4 feet are close together. The resulting eye goes on needles.

Work description:
Mounted on andrea 32 mesh and 22 rows after scheme knits No.1.schema1 short Socks Glumita

Then you knit the heel like this:
The point jersey knits 30 times. In randul 30, back row, mesh is divided in three. Part 1 = 10 stitches, Part 2 (central)= 12 eyelets, Part 3 = 10 mesh. Meshes central part will still knit, the mesh parts 1 and 3 shall gradually decrease, uniting them to mesh the central part.schema2 short Socks Glumita

So, among 30 dos mesh knits are part one and part dos. Last eye of knits together inside part 2 is the first eye of Part 3. Paper returns. The first eye to eye and edge, central part is knit mesh compared to the last eye. Last eye of the central part will knit together compared with the first eye of Part 1. It will drop in this way, Andrea will remain until 12 meshes, mesh part 2.

For a thicker heel and durable knit next model:
Row 1: * 1 front stitch, 1 if ochi pe ia andrea will do to if tricota, thread after work. Repeat * to end of row.
Row 2 and all rows even: All stitches purl;
Row 3:* 1 if ochi pe ia andrea will do to if tricota, thread after work, 1 knit stitch. Repeat * to end of row.
Repeat rows 1-4.

After finishing the heel, is mounted on the edge of the mesh andrea 1, 12 meshes Part 2, mesh on the edge of the three, si inca 13 ochiuri. All meshes are divided on two needles, so that the 13 mesh fitted to represent the central part will knit socks and after diagram # 2, rest point jersey.
It will knit up the small thumbnail, Then it will form the top of socks.conventional signs short Socks Glumita

Varful sosetei.
At the beginning and end of each row from each needle will knit 2 stitches together each face. It would be a decrease of 4 stitches in each row circular.
Frost will make every 2nd row until 4 stitches remain. Working yarn is cut. End of the thread is passed through remaining stitches. The yarn is tightened and fixed on the inside of the knitting work.

From the top of the sock is mounted on 45 mesh andrea. Meshes are closed in a circle and three rows elastic knits 1 x 2 (1 knit stitch, 2 purl stitches. Eyes to be twisted knit).
The next row will be knit: in the eye of the girl will knit * 1 bobulet, 2 purl stitches, * repeat to end of row.
Among the mesh will be closed.

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