Knitted Gloves

knitted gloves

knitted glovesYou will need:
100 g grey yarn (100% lana merinos);
Knitting needles no. 4.

Work description:
It mounts on the andrea 52 and mesh tricoteaza 40 cm elastic circular 2×2. Lastly add 2 mesh of elastic.
Next it will knit according to the scheme.
pattern knitted gloves

Finger knit glove will, From among 10, as follows: from both sides of the two central mesh of torsades de small will add:
Every 2nd row one eye x 3;
Every 3rd row one eye x 3;
Every 2nd row one eye x 3.

Cand pe andrea, finger will be 18 to 20 mesh, they will pass on a helpful andrea. Meshes for finger begin and end with mesh added.
It will add another two knit stitches and will continue after the scheme.
conventional signs print knitted gloves
Then they finger circular knitting stitches 2 more mesh.
It will point jersey knit to desired length, minus 1 cm.

Last centimeter will knit:
Row 1: 1 knit stitch, 2 ochiuri impreuna fata pana la sfarsitul randului;
Row 2: 2 ochiuri impreuna fata pana la sfarsitul randului.
Working thread is cut leaving a long end. Pass the wire through the remaining stitches and fasten. The wire is fixed on the inside of the paper.

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