Strawberry bag

Diana gentuta

Diana gentutaYou will need:
50 g fir rosu (100% mercerized cotton);
50 g fir verde ;
Few grams white wire and yellow wire;
Crochet No.3;
Margelute galbene.

Work density: 18 piciorusex15 rows = 10×10 cm.

Work description:
Semipicioruse bag is woven with two threads. It is a chain of 19 stitches sweater. First semipiciorus will crochet in the second chain eyes. After, will crochet circular diagram representing the bottom after gentutei.Diana gentuta scheme

Since among 5 will crochet the main gentutei. Among the 12 we had 64 semipicioruse. Cooking with the Green wire will be as follows: the paper will be back and will croseta in the opposite direction to wire Green.

Among 26 will crochet leaves. Each leaf will be croseta separately. An incumbent leaves 8 semipicioruse.
The gentutei will finish with steps of rac.
Handles gentii: The sweater chain of 50 stitches and 4 rows sweater semipicioruse.

4 crochet flowers will be according to the scheme.
The trc handles gentutei through the holes left for them and cart. It flowers basket (see picture). According to your desire we can sew beads

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