Snowflake Set

set fulgens the nea

set fulg de neaAge: 4-5 years (diametrul beretei 50-54 cm);
You will need:
500 g fir bleu (100% wool, 300m/100g);
Knitting needles no. 2.5;

Work description:

Beret: Mounted on andrea 120 ochiuri.Ochiurile circle closes and marks the spot with a contrasting color thread. Tricoteaza is 4 cm elatic 2×2, After which will knit the report presented in Scheme No. 1 of 6 times.
The lines seem to be knit stitches as presented.
After knitting row 70 through the 8 remaining stitches pass wire work, yarn is tightened and fixed on the back part of the work.

Scarf: Mounted on 68 stitches and knits andrea model 'diamonds'. Between edge stitches will knit three ratios shown in Scheme No.2.

After knitting row knit 48 rows 1-10 will detail when the length is 120 cm from the first. After, will knit rows 48-1. Close stitches.
The edges are fixed 14-15 scarf tassels.

Schema2 set fulg de nea

Schema1 set fulg de nea

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  • very nice model and I've achieved thanks a lot of models that explain to us

    gabi 22 February, 2013 7:20 pm

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