Three flower shoes

slippers with three flowers

papucei cu trei floriYou will need:

– 100 g fir rosu (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 120 m/100 g);
– 100 g grey yarn;
– 100 g of jute yarn required for resistance sole and feet massage;
– croseta No. 2 and no. 4;

Work description:

  1. 1.With crochet hook no. Four and a red hair with jute thread is a chain of 23 stitches sweater. The chain will crochet around the legs with jeteu after No.1 scheme. Will be added rounded ends by 6 feet on both sides. Among the top three will crochet leg papuceilor jeteu, at the sole – feet without jeteu. Become imbedded meshes shall be made according to the wiring diagram no. 1. At the end of row work wire cut (vz. beyond 1).
  2. papucei cu trei flori 2papucei cu trei flori 3

  3. 2.To continue the work with red thread, yarn in two. Allow 5-6 cm free from foot and knits among 4 of Scheme 1 in the sole direction (beyond 2). Instep papuceilor will croseta "eye to eye" up to sf. row.
  4. 3.With grey yarn, yarn in two, crochet will turn 5 by scheme No. 2 (poza3). The sole is wired gray croseta, and the top will be declines after the No. 2. Among the croseta to the end (poza4).
  5. 4.Row 6 will crochet hook with red thread, yarn in two. Decline from peak papuceilor will be carried out according to the sketch No. 2 (beyond 5).
  6. 5.Among 7 of the scheme will be achieved No.2 decreases the sole (beyond 6) and from the top (poza7).
  7. 6.The last row will be croseta with red thread, the second thread with picioruse without jeteu, dropping three feet in foot and one of the top. The thread is cut and hides (beyond 8). Papucelul is ready!
  8. 7. With crochet hook no. 2.5 is a sweater flower details. Middle of the flower would crochet a chain of 4 stitches crochet all around the feet without jeteu. Will crochet flower gray after 4 and 2 red flowers scheme after scheme No.3 (poza 9 if 10).
  9. 8.Fix pistils of flowers on slippers, ascuzand the ends of the wires on the inside of the paper (poza11). The flowers undergo pestle and fits of Hiba sewing thread or case red (beyond 12).

Papucelul 2 will similarly crochet.schema papucei cu trei flori

Comments to Three flower shoes

  • Hello, wonderful patterns are!
    You can explain to me what it means” check marks” the flower garden palariuta?
    I don't really understand

    alecsutu 21 March, 2012 11:39 am

    G 6 June, 2012 4:34 pm
  • You can make and higher are cute anyway.

    lucia 7 April, 2013 6:05 pm
  • Very nice slippers,
    Unfortunately, the description is very bad ! What a pity !!

    Elma 11 March, 2014 12:23 pm
  • Very nice slippers, Unfortunately, the manual is very bad, What a pity !

    Elma 11 March, 2014 12:25 pm
  • You are right, the problem is, that the translation is done automatically by Google or Bing, but do not translate very well.
    Can be translated manually, aber leider bin ich nicht vertraut mit der deutschen 🙁

    Nina 11 March, 2014 12:46 pm

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